Some time ago while squirming through the feverish grip of the suffocating heat of an overnight sleeper train stopped somewheres in central India, something happened. A window cracked and a pathway to relief appeared. At first, this pathway flashed before me in the form of fragmented images and thoughts, but then it merged into a single, overpowering feeling.

What follows is the attempt to capture and share that feeling through a style that may be similar to the sumi ink drawing style of the Japanese where the pen sketches in one continuous motion not to be picked up until the ink has finished and the pen must be refilled. I’ve relied on my own notes and descriptions from my journeys and read various books along the way, so there will be some conscious or unconscious echoes from these sources. However, this blog is not intended to serve only as a travel guide or historic retelling of the past. Instead, I’ve oriented these writings in order to explore the notion of Taking Refuge — which I believe best encompasses that unifying feeling which shook me awake and attuned my mind to the quest for noble truths and on-going understanding.


@Lalunga Pass (5,000m+/16,000ft+) – Tibet (2007)

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  1. Kay Ayers March 22, 2014 at 10:06 pm #

    Thank you for info on Shrineof Bahadur Shah.I have been to Schwedagon 3 times it is the best sight in the world so far and was not aware of the Shah shrine. am going in dec. and will check it out. I work with Essie. am loving your blog. You photos are simply spectacular.

    • sid nasr March 24, 2014 at 8:56 am #

      Hi Kay,
      Yes, my brother has mentioned that you love Burma! Thanks for taking an interest in my blog and travels. The Shrine of Bahadur Shah is very interesting and is tucked on a small street off to the right of the main road that leads up to the Schwedagon’s South Entrance. December should be a great time to visit!
      best, sid

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